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Eadu Imperial Hangar

Imperial hangar where TIEs go after the Rebels on the storm planet Eadu. We heavily added elements from the old McQuarrie hangar as well as some elements from Ep. IV. We wanted to have a more elaborate and longer sequence where we saw the pilots getting into their TIEs, unfortunately because of time constraints we couldn't develop it any further.
Art Director: Yanick Dusseault
Developed at the ILM Art Department
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story 2016 © Lucasfilm

Stephen zavala tiehangar 1 sz

Hangar front view

Stephen zavala tiehangar 2 sz

Callout sheet

Stephen zavala tiehangar 3 sz

Final movie frame

Stephen zavala tiehangar 1 sz

Breakdown done by ILM