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Kaiju-Jaeger Hybrid

Kaiju corruption on the Shao Drones. It was originally gonna be a more elaborate corruption but they decided to tone it down a bit (probably because of time constraints). I only did the corrupted version since the Drone was designed by Thang Le, Eduardo Peña and Andrew Domachowski. I also had the chance to design the Drone Core Room and it´s corrupted counterpart. The red sphere core element was provided by Legendary so unfortunately I don´t know the artist behind its design.
Production Designer: Stefan Dechant
Art Director: Thang Le
Drone Jaeger Design by: Thang Le, Eduardo Peña, Andrew Domachowski
Developed at the ILM Art Department
Pacific Rim: Uprising 2018 © Legendary Pictures

Stephen zavala kaiju drone 1 sz

Kaiju-Jaeger Hybrid

Stephen zavala kaiju drone core 1 sz

Drone Core

Stephen zavala kaiju drone core 2 sz

Corrupted Core